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      I would like to add a background image (a thin maroon border that frames my project and also contains the copyright watermark) to all of my slides. What is the best way to do this? I also plan to add a 10 pixel grey border as a skin, to complete the framing of the project.

      click here to see an example of the border image I want to add to all slides

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi alta-girl,
          First, work with BMP instead of PNG, if you can. You'll have less problems because Captivate was bottle-fed BMP from birth and likes it a lot as default image fodder. That's just a throw-away suggestion ... and is worth exactly what you paid for it.

          You can use highlight box(es) to create the outer frame(s). Just insert it/them on slide #1 and set object properties to display for "Rest of Project" (or "Rest of Movie" as is appropriate to your version).

          The bottom "gray area" (playback control?) can be created many ways, the easiest of which is to capture it with the original recording as a part of the recording background. To see how to do that, scope out my example/tutorial at the link right here.

          Another - quicker - way is to just set up your recording area (square red rectangle) to include an additional 30 -45 pixels below the application window you are capturing - AFTER FIRST:

          1) Clearing the Desktop ...
          (right-click Desktop) > Arrange Icons by > (de-select) Show Desktop Icons

          2) Removing Desktop images ...
          (right-click Desktop) > Properties > Desktop (tab) > Background > "None"

          3) Change Desktop background color (to gray in your case) ...
          (right-click Desktop) > Properties > Desktop (tab) > Color picker box > Select color

          Finally, you can duplicate the logo (watermark) by inserting (on first slide, probably) an image, or a text-box, or an animated text object (any of those) and - again - setting its "Display for ..." setting to "Rest of Project".

          Hope there is some useful information here for you. If not, I tried. If so, send money, small denominations.
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            P_SJ Level 1
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi P_SJ

              While there doesn't seem to be an option for this (might make for an excellent suggestion - you can suggest it by clicking here) something DOES come to mind as a potential workaround (and I'm all about workarounds).

              You could insert the background as a simple image object on the first slide where you wanted it. Then configure the image so it runs for the length of the movie.

              Just a thought... Rick
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                alta_girl Level 1
                Thanks CatBandit and Captiv8r for your replies.

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                  Matthew Ellison
                  Hi alta_girl

                  Assuming that you are happy for the new background image to replace whatever background images (including screenshots) that you may already have on each of your slides, then it is possible to do what you have requested with Adobe Captivate 2.0.

                  To replace the background images of all of your slides:

                  1. Select the Storyboard tab.

                  2. Select all of your slides (Ctrl+A is a quick way to do that).

                  3. Right-click on any highlighted slide and select Properties.

                  4. In the Slide Properties dialog, click the "Change background image" button.

                  5. In the "Select image from library" dialog, click the Import button.

                  6. Browse for and select your PNG file, and click Open.

                  7. Click OK twice to close the "Select image from library" and Slide Properties dialogs.

                  You should find that the background image is replaced on all of your slides. I hope that was what you wanted to do!

                  Best regards,