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    Lr 6 on Mac camera profiles not loading even though I can see them in camera raw folder.


      Using Lr 6 on Mac and my camera profiles are not loading. I can see the path to where all the camera profiles exist, but Lr is not drawing on them. (Yes, I'm opening RAW in Lr) Out of frustration I started creating a custom DNG in adbe DNG editor. Oddly saving the dcp files there dropped them in the correct folder. But this is folder is completely inaccessible to me. How do I access this area? Even know seeing the path I cannot get those files and therefore can't drop the correct dcp file in. I've run command line to expose hidden folders. Essentially, if Lr would access the correct folder for cam profiles that would be great. If that's not possible, how can I find the hidden folder Lr is drawing from? Thanks.