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    What happened to Import?


      I'll add my voice to the choir.  Adobe, if it ain't broke, why "fix" it?  Also, what happened to the move option?

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi emmglee,


          The " Move " option has been removed from the latest update of Lightroom, if you would like to have that option then I would request you to please roll back to the Prior version of Lightroom.

          How to Roll Back : Instructions to roll back to a prior update version

          However the team are working on the priority to fix these in the upcoming update.




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            emmglee Level 1

            I can live with it as-is but will welcome any changes that resemble the way it used to be.

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              Keith_Reeder Level 4

              emmglee wrote:


              Adobe, if it ain't broke, why "fix" it?

              Because - as has already been discussed ad nauseam on here - Adobe felt there was something to fix.

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                Keith_Reeder Level 4

                emmglee wrote:


                I can live with it as-is but will welcome any changes that resemble the way it used to be.

                If you switch off the horrible "splash screen" it's actually not too bad (missing functionality notwithstanding):



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                  emmglee Level 1

                  Seems to me that a company benefits when customer voices are heard.  The bigger the "choir", the more likely they'll be to get more feedback next time before they decide a "fix" is required.

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                    Keith_Reeder Level 4

                    But this isn't the feedback forum. Officially what's said here falls on deaf ears.


                    Besides, some of us are just fine (once the splash screen is turned off) with the latest Lr, both in performance terms, and in terms of the import functionality available: and for all we know, I'm part of the majority.


                    Understandably. it's always people with problems that make the most noise, but they might still be the minority...


                    Point being - you can't gauge the size, scale, scope or seriousness of a problem by what's posted on here.

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                      emmglee Level 1

                      I work for a high-tech company that has a community forum.  We have company employees who monitor the forum precisely for the reason that prompted me to post my ad nauseum comment.  I suspect there are plenty of Adobe employees who monitor the community to find out what people think.


                      People who develop products rarely have a true statistical sample of what is and isn’t liked by customers.  Product managers and developers form their views based on many things.  Wise product managers and developers will pay attention to a community, adding a few grains of salt here and there where a vocal minority may not represent a broader range of opinion.


                      You have the same freedom that I do to voice your opinion on this forum and I respect that freedom.  But I disagree with you and many, many others that I read in forums and communities who tend to belittle the opinions of others, with an implied (and sometimes explicit) tag of “idiot” when someone asks the wrong question or expresses the wrong opinion.  And God forbid if someone asks a question that someone has already asked three months ago...


                      I just did a quick review of the Adobe website and I didn’t see a link for “Please give us product feedback”.  The “Contact Us” link takes you to a page titled, “Need help?  Start here to get support.”  I didn’t need support, although your suggestion to turn off the import screen was indeed helpful.  It would have been even more helpful if you could have pointed to a product feedback link and said, “If you want to give Adobe feedback, here’s the best place to do it.” 


                      And so what if you’re “part of the majority”?  A product can’t be all things to all people but the “Preferences” section of a product is a great place to allow people to tailor a product to their preferences.  The last version of import gave you the choice of moving or copying.  Does Adobe have to take a vote to determine if “move” or “copy” should be hard-coded and the majority wins?


                      Seems to me a community forum is a decent place to get a product vendor’s ear.  I’ll probably do it again in the future and would encourage others to do the same.

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                        ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                        Officially, the bug report and feedback forum is over here:

                        All topics for Photoshop Family

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                          emmglee Level 1

                          Well what do you know – A new Lightroom release fixes the fix.  Maybe "ad nauseum" was listened to after all.   According to CNET:  "The difficulties show the risks a company faces when losing touch with customers. Microsoft faced that problem when it dropped the Start button from Windows 8 and Apple faced it with a radically overhauled Final Cut Pro video-editing program. But listening to those customers can convert them into allies, too. Adobe apologized for acting without including those customers in a "broader dialogue" about the changes."


                          Apology from Adobe accepted.