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    Why can't I select/edit a mask in the composition window rather than the layer window?

    Chawko Level 1

      This is kind of difficult to explain since I don't understand this program at all, but for one of my classes I have to scale a circle (mask) I created to match an existing animated circle in a layer below it.  There's an animation he gave us of a rotating disc and basically we have to create a mask of that rotating disc and match its rotation.  Just some context. Anyway, in the instructions for this exercise it says:


      "With the selection tool double click the circle and with Shift and Ctrl held down scale the circle to roughly match the disc creating a keyframe for the “Mask Path” property. Do the same at the start of the composition, scaling the circle to match the disc in the clip. Keep the perfect circle shape because this occurs at various points during the clip. "


      When I double click the circle mask I created, it just takes me to a layer window in which I can't see the entire composition (so I can't scale my circle to mtch the existing circle in the .mp4 file- only a black background.  When I was working on this earlier I was able to double click on masks I made and then I was able to scale/move them in the composition window.  Why can't I do this now?


      Please please help, this is due tomorrow and I'm really confused.  Let me know if you need me to explain further/provide screenshots.