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    Import issues since import module change

    Heirloom Bob Level 1

      I have been having issues with photos disappearing from Lightroom after import, yet they still exist when viewed with File Explorer. Running LR 2015.2.1 Camera Raw 9.2 on Windows 10 64 bit OS.


      I imported photos yesterday and they would normally show up my folders for 2015 and 20151031. That folder doesn't exist. Checked Previous Import and they show there. Careful searching reveals they are stored on my drive itself, jin a date file only and not under 2015 where they should be. OK...I suspect I have my import setting wrong and it's putting them in fact where I told them to go.


      Seems to be a simple matter to drag from drive and drop them in the 2015 20151031 where they belong. Tried to drag the folder and drop in the right place. I get a message that the folder 20151031 already exists. Nothing that I can see shows it existing under 2015.So then I thought, let's create a 20151031 under 2015. That works fine and the folder now exists. Selected all the photos in the "wrong place" and plan to drag and drop.
      Message says Custom order is not supported when multiple sources are selected.


      I have the originals still on memory card but a new import shows nothing to import since Lightroom already had them imported.


      Any thoughts on where I am going wrong?