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    Robohelp Server Training

      If this sounds naive, I apologize up front. I've been using Robohelp for the last 6 years to provide online help for several customer service departments in our company. Until last year, the files were chm accessed through the intranet. Last year, my company purchased a dedicated server for Robohelp and our troubles began in earnest. No one in our IT department knows anything about Robohelp or the Roboengine. They do know that they don't like it.

      Robohelp Pro is my choice for most help files because of the natural language search and reports capabilities. When the server has trouble, the reps who rely on the help files have trouble. I can email chm files to them on an interim basis, but that is only a stopgap.

      I want to learn everything I can about the server and the server requirements. When something goes wrong, I have to start with a different IT person and tell them all I know about publishing (which isn't much). Now to the point:

      Is it impractical to want to get training on servers that hold Robohelp files?
      Where can I get the training? I only want to know about commands, permissions, etc that pertain to Robohelp so that I can figure out what has happened when my files won't publish or can't be accessed. I have come to believe that I will be happy only when I can look at the server and see all the files that IT sees and recognize what has happened.

      Has anyone else had a similar wish or experience with this?

      Thank you,

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          We've been using Robohelp X5 with a documentation server and a webserver for about a year and a half now. I understand your frustration with RoboEngine. It's a judement call on your part as far as training.

          I've been able to accomplish everything I've needed using RoboEngine and have only needed to Remote Desktop to the actual server once (and had to reboot after a corrupt database).

          Our webserver on the other hand is something I took training to setup and navigate (Windows Server 2003). I Remote Desktop to the webserver and tweek settings constantly.

          Hope some of this helps.

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            I too am a frustrated Robohelp user. I have followed all the instructions to the T. My network adminstrator is not familiar with Robohelp or Engine and I have no knowledge of required server settings for this product so I can't give her instructions on what to do. We have tweaked for 3 weeks now with no luck. It should not be this hard to connect to the server. It has got to be a security setting somewhere that we can't find.

            Any advice?
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              johndaigle Level 4
              Hi, Mokey_Jo
              You mentioned "tweaking" but I'm not sure what that means. Also, I'm not clear about what the symptoms are. Is it just the ability to connect to the server?

              One thing is for sure. You really need cooperation with the Network (Web) Administrator folks. As Brian mentioned, Remote Desktop to the server is ideal, but rarely are authors given that access.

              You've probably already done this, but just in case, be sure to have your web administrator check out the permissions Captivate Movies, not just the RoboEngine Permissions Word document.

              To test if the RoboEngine server itself is working, you can manually put a project on the server to at least make sure the web server part is working. Here is a TechNote on how to do that
              How To Manually publish your Project

              Also, the IIS Web Admin needs to make sure that "Indexing Services" are Started and set to Automatic.
              Hope this helps.

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                HollyAngell Level 1
                John -

                Having IT and Web folks who do not understand Robo anything is a real problem. I can't believe that Mokey Jo and I are the only two folks out here with this problem. I want to learn all that I can about publishing to a server and connectivity to the Intranet in a very secure environment. I believe that I could convince the IT team to give me access to the server if my knowledge exceeds theirs. They hate to hear from me.

                Does anyone out there know where to get training? My app has been tweaked to the point of no return. We are now having to go back to point one and reinstall everything. My folks have not had Intranet access to their help in over two weeks.

                Thank you for any information. I am manually publishing this morning.

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                  I don't have a solution to this problem; but I have been going through the laborious process of trying to find one.

                  I set up permissions and groups correctly according to the doc that johndaigle links to above.

                  After running a packet sniffer, I found that while trying to publish using the authoring tool, a request was made to http://<server-name>/robo/bin/robo.dll?mgr=sys&cmd=svr and it gets a 403 access denied HTTP error.

                  Try that address in a browser, and you'll notice an ACL (access control list) error (NOTE: you DON'T get this error trying to publish while running robohelp office on the server itself). Well.... I set up file access auditing on the machine to try to track down this ACL error, and got nothing. I also tried auditing failed registry access and got nothing.

                  As a last resort, I gave the IUSR_machine and IWAM_machine accounts administrator privileges. And I still can't publish.

                  Looks like I'll be publishing manually. Unless anyone else can come up with a solution. Or Adobe helps us out?!