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    lightroom and el capitan problem


      i'm in trouble...I've just updated my os  x to el capitan and ...i've got many problems.Well this is my model :MacPro5,1 Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2,4 GHz 8 core...I've installed bootcamp and i use both seven 64 bit and os x el capitan, the main folder for lightroom is in  /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/Users/Micky/Pictures/2015 i have also many plugins installed  (autentech perfectly clear and macphun suite)....i was very happy and everything  was working well ...this with Yosemite , before  el capitan, now when i open my catalog and try to modify a picture with modify in...(perfectly clear for example) i have an alert that says to me that Lightroom is not able to prepare the selected file in /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/Users/Micky/Pictures/2015/2015-10-24/IMG_0992.dng for modify. The file will not be opened....Please could you help me?