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    WTF is going on with the latest update?!


      I've been using LR since LR3, and rely on it for my photography and design business. Since the latest update all I've had are lags, crashes and delays in all aspects of my workflow! Not to mention the ridiculous new photo import window. Seriously Adobe, how on EARTH did this latest update make it past the deisgn phase, let alone the TESTING phase (if there WAS one)?!!? For the first time in 4 years I'm seriously considering finding an alternative! And to be honest if it wasn't for the learning curve associate with learning new software I'd probably be using something new right now! I'm trying to run a business here, and paid good money (and continue to) for a professional piece of software! It would be much appreciated if YOU guys would run your software upgrades and updates in a similar and manner, and show some respect for the clients that keep you in business!


      I'd say get off your ***** and fast track the next update, but if it's anything like your LAST rush-job update/upgrade then it'll probably do more harm than good! Perhaps just a roll-back while you sort your **** out and get us a decent update!?


      Signed an EXTREMELY dissatisfied customer!