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    LR/ACR Pano Merge Blending (Again..)


      Back in April this year I discovered an issue with LR's attempts to merge to panorama files from the Leica M9. I posted it here in this thread. The issue was picked up by Chris Cox and I also contacted Eric Chan about it, and it was subsequently sorted in Camera Raw 9.1. The issue is noted as a fixed bug "Pano Merge: Fixed a Pano blending issue specific to Leica M9" in Lightroom Journal here . Since then I've had no issues with merging files from the M9.


      In the latest version of LR (CC2015 2.1) pano merge is again failing with files from the M9: all my attempts to merge panoramas in LR CC2015 2.1 result in files which look much like this:




      overlapping black patches in the places where the merged images should be


      The file has been named M9-1005754-Pano.dng, as expected, but is only 19.6MB: each of the 4 files merged was over 20MB, and a previous successful LR blend of the same files had produced a file of >176MB.


      No problem with merging files from my Pana GX7, so I think this is another Leica digital-M-specific issue. Files which merge to black patches in LR, merge just fine in PS, so I don't think it's a bug in my camera or my files


      Anyone else come across this phenomenon?




      PS: running on an iMac under El Capitan 10.11.1


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