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    Recommended changes to the People matching



      Device is a Surface Pro 3 (i7, 8GB mem, 256GB SSD) with about 90,000 photos (some on a USB3 external RAD1 disk array). Some people with 350 matching faces

      Task manager reports 2.7GB of mem used and processor only hits 59% so it looks like Lightroom doesn't use multiple threads very well for this stuff.


      Performance of the face recognition services is very very slow:
      - Clicking a person and loading similar faces can take a few minutes (the more confirmed the slow the search as if it is doing a separate search for each confirmed image)
      - Using control+ to select multiple similar images gets slower with each selection (I'm just selecting so this should never happen)

      - When selecting and matching people it is annoying to wait in between for Lightroom to "think".. Why not just dim the matched images to prevent an entire refresh?


      Wrong face list:
      - Sometimes loading the list of faces shows the previous results. This happens when I click < People to go back to the people list as I can't be bothered waiting and click another person.

      Have a look at Google's Picasa as the performance seems fine on this. One option could be to dim an item once matched rather than trying to refresh the entire list.