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    Contact Form Script

      I purchased a template from template monster that included a contact form. Unfortunately the form was created, but the script that takes the content of the form and sends it to a specific email was not included.

      I have found where the script is supposed to go, but have no experience in writing the script.

      Here are the form fields that were included with the template:

      Your Name

      Here is the script that exists now:

      on(rollOver) {

      on(rollOut, releaseOutside) {

      on (release) {


      I am a novice, not a deveolper. Simply using Macromedia Flash 8 professional to edit the purchased template.

      Any help with the scripting would be a HUGE help.

      Thanks in advance!
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          If you use the on(rollOver) and on(rollOut) constructors, then each time that the user moves the mouse over the field, the event will be triggered.

          Rather use on(release) which fires up when the user releases the mouse button.

          on (release) {
          getURL("mailto:name@domain.com>?subject=Online Order: Style #1t&body= I would like to purchase .........");

          Search for "Mailto" on this forum - There are quite a number of solutions which should answer all your questions.
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            I am having the exact same problem with the same template provider. The "rollover S1, and rollout S2" references by the way are just for a subltle visual effect of the buttons. Their support people direct you to a flash tutorial that shows actionscript including getURL("contact.php", "_blank", "GET"), and a php script that you have to copy letter by letter off the screen. It doesn't work for me. My php server just brings up a new html empty page with a domain string that ends in /contact.php from my directory. I've wasted days on this. I don't know why they just can't provide a simple script fo their paying customers.