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    create a DVD with 3 projects


      Is there any way to create a DVD with 3 projects and having their own option on the menu?


      I used to do this is a DVD creator on a windows program on a PC.   But the program itself was not editing software, it just created the DVD, so it gave you the

      option of chooses the files you wanted to put on the DVD and each one was given its own 'button" on the menu.


      Now that I'm using Premiere on my MAC, I can't figure out if its even possible.


      I have 3 different projects that I want to be able to choose from on the DVD.    Each video is no more than 30 minutes long.


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Kim H

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Kim H


          What version of Premiere Elements Mac?


          Each movie cannot have its own Scene Selection page, but....


          You can use stop markers at the end of the first and second Timeline movies (never after the end movie) and main menu markers at the start of each of those movies.


          That will give the viewer choice of 1, 2, or 3 movie from the main menu. The Play All button of the main menu loses its function in this arrangement. Hitting it will play the first movie and then return to the main menu. You can place scene markers for each of the three movies but they will appear in the Scene Selection pages in the order that the scene markers for 1, 2, 3 appear in the Timeline content...no page breaks for movie 1 scenes, movie 2 scenes, movie 3 scenes.


          Please refer to



          Please consider and then let us know if you have questions or need supplemental how to.


          Thank you.



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            kimsigns2 Level 1


            Premiere Elements 12 is what I'm using..


            I have each one done individually.  I really need them on their own menu...


            Wonder if I can save them as a specific kind of file and then upload to my PC?  The program is Windows DVD Maker...



            Kim H

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Kim H


              Just to make sure we are on the same path - essentially you want 3 different movies on one DVD disc, each movie having its own main menu and scene selection page. If I have read you correctly, that is not possible in Premiere Elements (any version). What I have mentioned above is what is possible.

              At the present time, in what format are these 3 movies - each as DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc or each as a mp4 export of 3 different Timelines?


              The primary structural feature of the DVD-VIDEO is the VIDEO_TS Folder and no DVD disc (whatever software program) supports more than one VIDEO_TS Folder per DVD disc.


              If you export your Premiere Elements Timeline to a file which you take to another program for menu and burn to, keep in mind that your Premiere Elements export to file does not support menus.


              Please consider what I have just read to determine if I am overlooking or misinterpreting your principles of your video project goal. Right now I am not seeing any benefits using the Windows DVD Maker.


              Thank you.



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                kimsigns2 Level 1

                I think you have it.. and I think I'm remember the scene options not allowed when I used the other program... I'm starting to see your point.

                the outcome would be the same... just in a different path to get there...


                so, I guess now, i need to get these three videos together as one...


                I clicked on the link you sent... it says to drag video 1 - 2-  3  to the timeline... but first...


                I'm assuming I have to finalize/share to the computer... then reupload to a NEW project...? 

                Is there a specific type of file that will work better than others for quality?  I tend to stick with MP4's,

                they are bigger files, but I normally don't have an issue with quality either...


                Thanks for you help!

                Kim H

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Kim H


                  Thanks for the follow ups.


                  What are these .mp4 files - AVCHD or H.264.mp4 1920 x 1080p30 or something else?

                  If your .mp4 files work well for you in your projects quality wise, I would stay with them.


                  Some prefer the Lagarith.avi file as an intermediate file (it will be larger) but is it a "lossless" type.

                  Typically you download and install a free Lagarith codec, and it will show up as a codec choice at least under AVI Export.


                  Please update us on your progress as your schedule permits. I think you should do well with those .mp4.


                  Best wishes