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    How to define the Image for backgroundImage of  DownloadProgressBar

      Here is the example:
      package myProgressBars
      import mx.preloaders.*;
      import flash.events.ProgressEvent;

      public class DownloadProgressBarSubClassMin extends DownloadProgressBar
      public function DownloadProgressBarSubClassMin() {
      // Set the download label.
      downloadingLabel="Downloading app..."
      // Set the initialization label.
      initializingLabel="Initializing app..."
      // Set the minimum display time to 2 seconds.

      But I would like to specify backgroundImage, it need pass in by the preloader, and it defines as a Object. I tried use @Embed, but seem it can’t load on runtime.
      And I tried backgroundColor, I assign value like 0xFFFFFFFF, I found it from uint class. It doesn’t work too.
      Anyone knows how to assign value to backgroundImage or backgroundColor? thanks