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    Need help getting Digital Book to load on iPad


      I had a conversation that Nanaky but I am not getting a reply with a solution and I need this fixed YESTERDAY. (I need this book for a class that starts TOMORROW, November 2.) Here is the conversation that took place with Nanaky:


      Me: I installed a book in Adobe Digital on my laptop to preview. Now that I plan to read it, I need it on my iPad but get the message "the book has been downloaded by another account is not authorized for your account" I have deactivated it on my laptop. I was told to delete the activation.dat file but have no idea where to find that. Please advise.

      You: Which operating system do you use?

      Me: Windows 8.1

      You: Get you the error on his PC or his iPad? Has you both devices authorize with Adobe ID.

      Me: IPad says: "This book has been downloaded by another account and is not authorized for your account" I AM able to get authorized on the iPad but that is the message when I try to download the book to the iPad.

      You: Can you open the eBook und your PCs?

      Me: I could until I deactivated and then removed it from my laptop (Windows 8.1). It is no longer installed on my laptop as I now wish to open it on my iPad instead.

      You: If to found the right cause. Its was fine when you install it again, authorize and try to open the eBook.

      Me: I could NEVER open it on my iPad (which is where I need to teach the class this week). Now when I try to open it on my laptop, I get “Unable to download. Error getting license. License Server Communication Problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER.”

      Me: Is there a solution coming soon? I have a class to teach using this book that starts on Monday morning!