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    sharing lightroom mobile with temporarly watermark?

    Steinmans Level 1

      Is it possible to forsee pictures you want to share with LR mobile with a temporarly watermark?

      What I should like to do is, to show my customers my pictures in LR (=2400 pix width for LR mobile?) but with my watermark.

      If the customer has made his choise I can send him the HR without watermark


      For the moment I create a folder and export my images in LR (1600 pix width) with a watermark in this folder

      The pictures in this folder I upload with Wetransfer to my customer


      Is this the best way? seems quite complicated.


      Hope to get an easy flow





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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          In LR, you could define an export preset with the desired settings and watermark.  In the preset's settings, under Export Location, select Add To This Catalog.  That will cause the exported images to be automatically imported into your catalog.  You can then add those to a collection and sync the collection with LR.  This might be a little easier than going outside of LR.


          A number of people have asked for easy-to-use watermarks in conjunction with LR Mobile. Please add your vote and details of why you want it (other than just "I need it") to this feature request in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom Mobile: Watermarks on images. That will make it more likely that Adobe might implement the feature.

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            Pixated Level 1

            if I understand correctly, this then duplicates your image within your catalog. One with watermark, one without. A clever solution, but an unfortunate compromise.

            Certainly Adobe uses their own products. Surprising they don't see the need for mobile watermarks?