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    Acrobat DC Security Policy duplication


      I had previously saved my workplace security policy - 'encrypt with password' so that I could secure PDFs easily.

      Last week I decided to delete Adobe's default 'Encrypt with Certificate' and 'Encrypt with Password' so only my workplace policy was in the drop down list.

      Now there is some sort of bug with this option. When I click on my padlock encrypt shortcut it shows; 1. Encrypt with Password and 2. [my office security].

      When I click on my office security new options appear in the drop down and it has duplicated my office settings. Only one of these contain the correct security.

      I secure documents daily so the extra click really annoys my work process.

      When I delete my office setup and re-add it the same thing happens with the duplication.

      My IT support has deleted my version of Acrobat and re-installed it, but my preferences remain.


      Can you please tell me how to restore DC's default settings. I want to go back to the original preferences DC offered when I first got this program.


      I am working with Creative Cloud on PC.