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    Is there a way to get higher than a .01 sec "resolution"?


      Howdy Y'all,


      So I am making a video of me playing music.  I captured the video using my digital camera, and I captured the audio using my USB microphone.  I am now trying to sync up the WAV file that was created from my USB mic to the audio that was created from my digital camera.  I have ALMOST got them perfectly lined up, but I noticed that even when I zoom in the closest I possibly can, I can only move the audio clip by .01 second.  I visibly can see that I need a higher "resolution" than .01 second.  Looks like I need a .005 second change in order to get the audio clips lined up perfectly.  Am I able to achieve this resolution?  I feel like this should be some easy fix but I just can't find the mode where it goes into "extreme detail mode".  Please help!