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    How to create a style to repeat formatting in a column of text


      I'm creating lists of artwork that will appear in columns on several pages of a book. Each listing will be similar but won't necessarily have the same number of lines. I'd like each of the listings to have certain characteristics that are the same — i.e. the first line will be italicized, all of the following lines will be slightly indented and will not be italicized. Like this:


      Horses at Night, 1927

      oil on canvas

      24 x 99


      Petite Nu, c. 1930

      oil on canvas

      Prof. Berry Burghum

      New York, N.Y.


      Paula in the Tub, 1930

      oil on canvas

      23 3/4 x 8 3/4”

      Ms. Polly Downer Hough

      Salt Lake City, Utah


      How might I create a paragraph style or nested style to easily apply to each listing? I've tried both without success so far, but I'm a rookie at nested styles. One problem I seem to be having is combining two fonts (italic and normal) in one style. I would assume this is possible somehow, but maybe not . . .

      Any advice or directions are welcome!

      Carolyn Servid