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    Shadowy camera image appears in Kindle ebook ooutput



      I'm a not very experienced user of Indesign CC so, apologies if this is a very basic question with a very easy fix. I tried searching for answers, but as someone who learned ID for a personal ebook project years after the last time I designed with Pagemaker 6.0 (really), I doubt I even have the terminology to search for this correctly.


      That said, here's my issue. I laid out an e-book over the past few months and now have a file that looks and works very well as a PDF and a fixed layout epub. However, when I convert the epub file into a .azk format that can be used on Kindle for iOs devices, I get some weird shaded camera image on a few pages. You'll see in the screenshots below two examples of this happening.


      • In the first one--"Introduction"--were the camera image is, there should be a grey callout box. It's a box made using an object style that works just fine elsewhere in the 189-page book.
      • The second one--"Why Canada"--has only the elements you can see on the page. In other words, the camera image is not replacing something that should be there.


      Again, in other formats--.INDD; .PDF; .epub--this problem does not occur.


      I used Indesign CC to design this book. I am on Windows 8.1 and used Kindle Previewer 2.94 to convert the .epub I made using InDesign into a .azk file.


      Please let me know if you need more information to help me solve this problem. I can find my way around pretty well but don't know which settings you would want to know to list them here proactively.


      Thank you for your help.