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    Has Windows 10 changed the export catalog  process?

    uphilldeb Level 1

      When I tried to export a catalog from my laptop to my computer, I found that it did not seem to work the way it did before installing Windows 10 on the laptop.  The LR views and previews went into the folder with the actual photos.

      Here is what I did:

      1) Opened LR on the laptop and selected the folder I wanted to export to LR on my desktop.

      2) Right mouse clicked and selected "Export this Folder as a catalog"

      3) In the Save in box, I typed in the name of a folder I created on my desktop in my photos files to prepare for the export.

      4) in the File name box, I typed in a simpler name for the files I was trying to export.

      5) I checked the boxes for: Export negative files, Build/include Smart Previews, and Include available previews

      6) I clicked on Save and waited a about 1 1/2 hours for the pictures to export wirelessly.

      The pictures showed up in my Windows folder in the place I assigned them from the laptop. However, the previews and Smart Previews showed up in my picture file below the photos (I've never seen this happen before). And, I cannot find the lrcat files anywhere.

      I do not know what I'm doing wrong, and I don't remember the process of exporting files from my laptop to my computer being so hard. I've done it many times for years.  Am I doing something totally wrong, or has the process changed?


      Can someone give me a blow by blow on how to export my catalogs from my laptop to my desktop computer?