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    Help with paragraph structure


      I'm working on a very large definition list whose terms are in a ltr script and flush left, and definitions rtl and flush right. It looks very much like the entries in the dictionary pictured in the (unrelated) image below, which appears to be a common layout for bilingual dictionaries when languages have different writing directions.

      The naive idea is to set each list item as a paragraph and use a flush space to push term and definition against the margins, but it just doesn't work when term or definition are long enough to wrap.


      Scripting looks quite complex in this case, so I have been looking for plugins first, but I haven't had any luck: the fact that I don't even have a name for this layout doesn't make searching easy (I instinctively call it 'repulsive', for obvious reasons).


      I hope somebody could comment about this, even only to say they feel it can only be made via scripting, as it will nudge me in that direction.


      Thank you


      p.s. I hope linking an image for illustrative purposes is considered fair use