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    LRCC screen goes black, slow

    getho Level 1

      Apologies if this has come up already:


      LRCC - with i7960 + GPU switched on (GTX970)  = slow

      LRCC with xeon x5650 overclocked and Same graphics card  - much faster for eg graduated filer, but everything else is either as slow, or worse.  THe most obvious is when most of the UI goes black for ~3 seconds before coming back.  It appears to do this randomly.  I can just be sitting there looking at an image (in develop mode) and it'll go black. The other thing I did at the same time as enable the graphics card processing was increased the cache size to 70gb as recommended in a thread the other day.  Oh and occasionally the screen wont go black it'll just hang for several seconds. 


      The grad filter being faster just highlights how slow the rest of the program is.  I know it's only been 5 or 6 years since we've been complaining about LR's speed, but frankly - this is utterly ludicrous.