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    Initializing Medicore Freezes in Windows 10

    Dave Navarro Jr

      I have tried everything in the Adobe Article mentioned all over the internet:




      I am running the latest version of Adobe CC and I recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 10.  Photoshop and Illustrator work great, but After Effects freezes while trying to initialize the MediaCore.


      I have added everything to my Firewall exceptions. And I have completely disabled the Windows Firewall.  I have upgraded to the latest Quicktime files, deleted old preferences and everything else I can find to try.


      After Effects just refuses to run on Windows 10 on my laptop.


      I am looking for suggestions, however, I am more likely to revert back to Windows 7 where it worked without issue (and works fine on my two desktop machines without issue in Windows 7).

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          Cinemaface Level 1

          I have been stumped with this since upgrading in December to the 13.6.1 AE and think I have it cracked as of right this second!

          So I upgraded to Win 10 and immediately Ppro hung on AVI exporter, I surfed and found that for some reason the workaround it so remove the AVIexporter.prm file from Ppros plugins will eliminate the hang.  So I searched, found the file and cut and pasted it to a backup folder, ran Ppro and voila it worked, then Adobe updated Ppro again so I had to do the same thing.  Everything was working fine and even AE was working.  Then just before Xmas Adobe updated AE and even though Ppro was working fine now AE started to freeze on initialing Mediacore.  I looked everywhere and was stumped!  The only thing I could see was go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2015\Support Files\(Media Core plug-ins)\Common and remove everything - I'm thinking NO WAY, so I just cut and pasted the same file ExporterAVI.prm and AE sparked up immediately.  Hopefully that solves it for you?!!