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    Premier Elements 13/14 with Bluray


      Several months ago I posted a problem with Elements 13 not being able to create Bluray movies.  I never got this resolved having tried all the advice provided. One response stated that the creation of Bluray movies was a known issue with Premier Elements 13.  If so has this been resolved in Elements 14 as to me this is a serious issue?  Having finally managed to create a Bluray after dozens of attempts I have come back to the software several months later with a new project and, guess what, I have the same issues again!  I create a Bluray movie and, even though I get no errors on completion, the disc doesn't play.  I have tried creating an ISO image which again creates successfully ie no errors on completion, but the resultant ISO file cannot be played.  This software is not cheap and should do what it says or there should be a timescale to resolve it.  As this is such a weakness n the software I think it is totally wrong to publish a new version if the issue has not been resolved.


      Has anyone managed successfully create Bluray movies?  I am talking about fairly large movies of around 20GB.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know that burning BluRays is or ever was a "known issue." I've had no problems burning DVDs or BluRays or creating folders or ISOs in version 13 or 14 -- and Iv'e done it on Windows 10, Mac Yosemite and Mac El Capitan. I've also had users who could not burn BluRays send me their project and media files and they've created BluRay ISOs without a hiccup. So the issue is clearly with individual computer configurations -- which makes it very hard to troubleshoot.

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            jimg1611 Level 1

            My previous post back in July may help here  Bluray ISO files with Premier Elements 13    The response from ATRomano was that there was/is a known issue creating Bluray movies. This is borne out by the problems I have had from the beginning and I dont think I'm alone!  If it is a configuration issue then I would like to know what it is!  I dont use this software often but everytime I come back to it there are problems! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  In the end I managed to finally create a Bluray back in July when I had the problem previously but it took dozens of attempts. 

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              In your first post you asked if anyone has managed to successfully create BluRay movies with versions 13 or 14. The answer is yes.


              And unless the issue is something that can be reproduced identically on every computer, it's very difficult to troubleshoot.


              I don't know if ATR has isolated the issue and found a solution, so I'll leave that for her to answer.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Yes to your last question and Premiere Elements 14 in your introductory post. If you do not have 14 already, please consider looking at the tryout before purchase.




                As you have pointed out,  there is a known serious error in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 related to obtaining an .ISO Image with file size over 1 GB that plays back when put to disc. No solution was ever found to fix that situation in 13/13.1. It remains "it is what it is", and Adobe appeared aware of the situation.


                That issue is gone in Premiere Elements 14. I have written about that. Excerpt from Premiere Elements 14 Daily Discoveries blog

                ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: Premiere Elements 14 Daily Discoveries

                006. The Premiere Elements 13/13.1 ISO File's File Size Issue Appears To Be Fixed  In Premiere Elements 14.


                If Premiere Elements 13/13.1 burn to AVCHD ISO Image or Blu-ray ISO Image produces an .iso file with file size greater than 1 GB, that .iso file taken to disc is not recognized by the players. This 13/13.1 issue is described in the following blog post



                Preliminary studies suggest that the issue has been fixed in Premiere Elements 14.  In these mini studies Premiere Elements 14 produced Blu-ray .iso file (2.81 GB or 16.8 GB) which, when applied to Blu-ray disc, was recognized by the player. In this study, the player was the computer CyberLink Power DVD 9 player. See posts 15 and 17 in the following thread for the initial Premiere Elements 14 observations related to this issue.


                More information on this in PART 2 EXPORT & SHARE section of this blog.

                More details to come in the Premiere Elements 14 First Look blog post also in progress.


                I am not affiliated in any way with Adobe, so I have no inside information if Adobe is considering or will ever consider fixing the Adobe Premiere Elements 13/13.1 situation. Based on history of Adobe moving forward rather than backward in its updating of versions, I would speculate that 13/13.1 will remain as is with regard to the ISO Image file size matter.

                Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


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                  whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                  jimg1611 wrote:

                  .......Has anyone managed successfully create Bluray movies? 

                  I've been doing it with versions 11 and 13 on a "out of the box" ASUS laptop that came with a built in Blu-Ray burner.   (I skipped version 12.)  The BDs play on my very old Panasonic player, a newer Sony player and a very new Samsung player.


                  The trouble with forums is that thousands (or more!) can be using a product successfully and a dozen are not.  Those dozen will find a helpful forum like this one.  Another user on that forum will get involved and declare a "known issue". 



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    You wrote

                    I have tried creating an ISO image which again creates successfully ie no errors on completion, but the resultant ISO file cannot be played.

                    There is indeed a serious known issue obtaining a Premiere Elements 13/13.1 ISO Image (over 1 GB) that will give a playable disc with it on it.

                    No one has ever reported doing this which has already been acknowledged by Adobe as an export flaw and not a flaw restricted to a few selected users. That is the known issue to which I referred in my details and which addressed your issue beyond the thread title.


                    The everyday burn to disc direct (Blu-ray or otherwise) is another matter. In Premiere Elements 13/13.1 and 14 the concept of Hardware Acceleration is offered for those with Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher video card/graphic card. And, there is a related preference with Edit Menu/Preferences/General which by default is left enabled. If your computer does not use one of these Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher cards, the enabled preference can result in exporting issues. In that case, you disable the preference if your computer does not use one of these Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher cards.


                    In Premiere Elements 11, if the burn to Blu-ray disc is done with a check mark next to "Fit Content To Available Space" and the Space Required is listed as 23 GB or less, then you can run into an "Adobe Media Encoder Property Data Invalid" error. I have not seen this to be the case in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 and 14.


                    These are principles that apply to those Premiere Elements users who do or do not post in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum. or any forum.


                    jimg, any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


                    Thank you.



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                      jimg1611 Level 1

                      Downloaded elements 14.  Appears to work in that it dod manage to create both a bluray disk and an iso image file.  Hooray!!  However Adobe haven't put his fix into 13 and will not give me a timescale for applying the.fix.  I only bought this software in June and will have to pay the same amount again (£64) to upgrade to 14 to get it to work .  Either that or wait indefinitely.  I am disgusted with Adobe - if they can fix it for 14 they should apply the fix to 13 or offer a reasonable upgrade path.  Paying £64 for an upgrade just to get a bug fixed it so annoying (sorry rant over!)


                      I did also find taht some of the individual clips on the movie 'freeze' after about 10 mins or so.  I have created individual avi files using a slideshow software (Proshow Gold) and collected several into a single movie taht I burn to bluray (about 18GB overall).  Eacg individual avi file plays perfectly on its own.  However in the PE 14 produced disk these avi clips do not play to the end.  Have you come across this before??

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the replies. Great news that both the burn to disc and .ISO Image are now producing playable end products for you in Premiere Elements 14


                        What are the properties of the .avi files on the Timeline that is destined for the burn to Blu-ray or ISO Image?

                        You write

                        Each individual avi file plays perfectly on its own.  However in the PE 14 produced disk these avi clips do not play to the end.  Have you come across this before??


                        Where is each of avi files playing perfectly on its own? Are you saying that, when each of these clips are sequentially placed on the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 or 14 Timeline, each clip previews in the Edit area but with the end portion missing, both video and audio? Or something else? Consequently, the problem therefore exists before and after the burn to?


                        When you import these avi files into the Premiere Elements project, how does the before and after duration compare? When you import the avi file (and it is even still at the Project Assets stage), do you see any conforming activity going on in any progress bar at the bottom right of the workspace?


                        Let us start here. I have seen reports of incomplete import of files into a project, but I do not recall seeing a complete Timeline becoming incomplete in the burn to product.


                        Please consider. We will be watching for your progress as your schedule permits.


                        Thank you.



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                          jimg1611 Level 1

                          Hi ATR.  When I said each AVI file plays individually what I meant to say was by simply double clicking on the file in windows explorer (once I have saved the file to my project folder) then the clip plays all the way through successfully.  I'm not sure what software is being launched by clicking on the file in file explorer (I'm using Windows 10).  However in PE13 when I use Tools/Menu Maker and the Preview Disc and select a clip the playback always freezes (at the same point in the clip).  The point is different for each avi file but anywhere from 10 to 12 minutes in.   No error message is given.  I then downloaded a trial version of Cyberlink Power Director 14 (in case I get no joy with PE 14 and have to move to a different movie editor) and imported the same avi clips. I then previewed the disc in this software and the same thing happened suggesting there is something in the clips themselves that is causing a problem.  This time Power Director gave me an error message (see below).  What a pity that Adobe PE 13 didn't tell me what the proplem with the clip was rather than just freezing!


                          It therefore looks like I may need to reproduce all of the slideshow movie clips with a different output file format.  Is there one you recommend?  I only used avi as this was the file format suggested but other formats are avaialble including MPEG 4 for example.


                          AVI Error - Screen Capture.JPG

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Please see if you can determine what type of avi you have for the ProShow Gold slideshow that you are importing into Premiere Elements project. Please download and install the free codec utility named GSpot to determine if you can get a readout for Video Codec, Name, and Status.

                            GSpot Codec Information Appliance


                            I do not use ProShow products. So, from what I have read, ProShow Gold does not support AVI and MPEG4 for exports, but ProShow Producer does. So, if that is true and you are using ProShow Gold, the question is what type of AVI is being produced. It could be that the information on ProShow that I found online is out of date, but we need to get clarification on that matter.


                            If you have access to a H.264.mp4 output for your slideshows, that format is supported (or should be) by Premiere Elements...latest version of QuickTime installed on the computer along with Premiere Elements.


                            Please consider and supply more information.


                            Thank you.



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                              jimg1611 Level 1

                              Hi ATR


                              Installed GSpot and run this using my first clip.  If I've understood it looks like the AVI file is using the Xvid codec?  Does that shed any light on it?  The clip is around 12 mins but freezes at around the 10 min mark.


                              AVI GSpot  - Screen Capture.JPG



                              I am in the process of recreating the first clip as an MP4 file to see if that is any better

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                                I agree with what you say, there is a problem with Adobe Prem Elements 13, 13.1 regarding the blu ray iso image file, ATR has quite rightly posted on the forum before about this problem. Software is not cheap so come on Adobe PLEASE give us a fix or update to this problem. Why should we have to keep buying the latest edition of Prem Elements surely Adobe can fix this issue.


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                                  jimg1611 Level 1

                                  Good news!  Tried the first two clips and recreated them as MP4 files using the H.264 codec.  That appears to have worked!  Not freezing part way through these clips.  Now have to create all the other clips (about another 15 and each one takes about 30 mins to render so a big job!).


                                  Many thanks for your help I'm so grateful!!   Just need to decide what to do about the PE13 bug though because if it's not fixed any time soon by Adobe all this will be in vain as I wont be able to produce a disk anyway without biting the bullet and shelling out another £60 for PE14 which I am really loathe to do as I think it is all wrong (like buying a car, finding out the audio system doesn't work and then being asked to buy a new car!!)

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Thanks for the replies with great follow up troubleshooting information.


                                    The avi problems are with 99.9999% certainty related to the use of the Xvid video codec with the .avi file extension. That Xvid is probably one of the worst video compression to import into a Premiere Elements project. The H.264.mp4 choice should be a very good one for you in spite of the redoings. So, looking good.


                                    As for the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 ISO Image with file size greater than 1 GB...I have been working with Premiere Elements since Premiere Elements 2 and I do not recall a time when Adobe has issued an update for a product that was not the current version. And, there are several glaring instances that it had to do this in the past if it wanted to do the backward updating. On several occasions I have seen an Adobe representative in this forum write will be corrected in the next version. In many instances, it has done a great job with fixes when the fix is within an update for the current version.


                                    You could try filing the Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Form for this Premiere Elements 13/13.1 matter, but I am not sure of the outcome under the circumstances even if the number of filers is compelling.



                                    Best wishes



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                                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                      Good call, ATR! Xvid and Divx are definitely problematic files for video editing.