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    difference in Lightroom versions


      I just bought and downloaded Creative Cloud for photograpers (9.99) I see the Lightroom version is 4.1 - how does that differ from Lightroom CC? I thought that by buying I get the latest version? thank you.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Download and install the Creative Cloud desktop app. Start it and Sign In using the email address and password, the Adobe ID, you used to buy the Photographers subscription plan. Once that is done you will see links in the App section of the CC app to install LR and PS. Even if they say Trial install them and they will change to fully registered versions.

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            JohanMockeCapeTown Level 1

            Thank you - I think it is falling in to place - maybe that help with my other problem - installing the stuff on a second computer, and it says I downloaded a trial version, which it is not?

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              LR will be a trial until it is licensed.  Licensing the CC version means logging into the CC app or LR, itself, using the AdobeID you purchased the subscription with, and having that subscription actually be active because the payment has gone through.  You might want to check your subscription status by signing into Adobe.com with your AdobeID then clicking Manage account.

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                photoley Level 1

                Hi There,


                I'm looking for a relevant forum to raise my query. Hopefully this is the right forum.


                I have recently signed up to Adobe's CC option and have successfully downloaded photoshop (haven't used this yet) and also Lightroom (2015.9 version Camera Raw 9.9). Previously I had the Lightroom trial for 1 month, I believe this was an older version. 2013 perhaps. I actually really liked a couple of functions on the trial/ older version such as 'Recovery' and 'Fill light'. They worked really well for me and now with the newer version these functions have gone. I was a little disappointed to be honest. Can someone give me some guidance on how the same effects can be reached in the newer version or if its in fact better to buy the older versions of Lightroom and a separate version of photoshop. In addition, I'm not really getting full use of the cloud aspect of being across devices, so thinking that buying the applications out right might suit me better. Any help or guidance here is greatly appreciated.


                New to forums so if best to start a new forum chat, just let me know,


                Many thanks

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                  Bob Somrak Level 6

                  The Recovery and Fill Light sliders were in versions of Lightroom before 2012 or so.  They are STILL in Lightroom 2015 if you change  the PROCESS VERSION in the Camera Calibration section of Develop to version 2010.  It been a long time since I used these sliders so I don't have any suggestions for equivalent NEW slider settings.  I do think the new sliders are WAY better than the old ones once you get used to using them.  I would NEVER want to go back to the old sliders.


                  Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 2.46.44 PM.png


                  Older versions of Lightroom are not available anymore except maybe on Ebay/Amazon etc and Photoshop is CC only.  You could buy Lr6 and use Process Version 2010 and use Photoshop Elements but in my opinion CC with Lr/Photoshop is a great deal for 10 buck a month.

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                    elie_di Level 4

                    The older version you have described was either the original Processing Version which became known as P.V. 2003 when a variation on it was introduced in 2010 which was labelled P.V. 2010. The P.V. that has been used for the last 5 years is P.V. 2012. When it was first introduced it was widely acknowledged a great improvement and even revolutionary. However, probably because of its complete change in the way tonal characteristics in an image are controlled  [ Exposure changed from a linear shift of all tones to a content aware curved shift of midtones, Recovery which often did a poor job of preventing and recovering highlight tones close to clipping was replaced with Highlights which performs that function magnificently, Brightness which was the original curved setting was made redundant by the new Exposure and so it disappeared, and Fill light was far outperformed by Shadows ] there were some veteran photographers who had to go through a difficult adaption period. But eventually even they agreed that P.V. 2012 was a huge stride forward which greatly aided in further realizing the wealth of tonal range and image detail in a Raw file. It is the primary factor that has kept me with Lightroom despite the concentrated attempts being made by other makers of Raw converters to produce that same image quality.


                    But Lightroom is something of a packrat and so the old codings for P.V.s 2003 and 2010 were not discarded. They are still buried within the application and if you fee you really must have them again, there is a menu in the Calibration panel at the bottom of the Develop tool panoply, with which you can change your new LR back to old LR. But I wouldn't be forced to do that without earthshaking kicking and screaming.

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                      photoley Level 1

                      Many thanks for this considered and informative post. Super helpful. I have much to learn with Lightroom. The forums it seems are great places to raise queries, so I'll come back on this chain if I get stuck on anything specific in your response.

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                        photoley Level 1

                        Many thanks for taking the time to reply on this query Bob and also with screen grab as this told me immediately where I needed to go. Really much appreciated. Learning curve is steep at the moment but at least in the right direction. Will come back with any queries on the above.

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