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    Returning and re-borrowing the same book gives "Loan not on record" error


      Hi everybody,


      I work at a library.

      One of our users has the following problem:

      She returned an e-book by mistake, so she borrowed it again.

      However, she cannot open the new loan, because she gets the message "Loan not on record. This book might have been already returned".

      I have tried doing the same thing, and I get the same scenario.

      The provider's platform showed that the book had been returned (Checkouts=0), so I borrowed it again (checkouts=1).

      I have tried deleting all files associated with the book, including those in .....\Documents\My Digital Editions and .....\Documents\My Digital Editions\Manifest, but it didn't help.

      I am wondering whether I should aslo deauthorize and reauthorise.


      Do you have any ideas?


      Thank you,