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    Composite Gray PDF Preset?


      What's the best way to create a grayscale PDF? Even though I'm using no colour, and greyscale PDFs, the printers tell me that the photographs (hi quality greyscale JPGs) are losing dynamic range as the PDF is not grayscale.


      I saw this article from some time back:



      However, InDesign seems to do things very differently since this was written (plus I don't have that printer driver).

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have InDesign CS6 or later, you can create a grayscale PDF.


          You choose File > Export > Adobe PDF (Print). You have to choose a PDF preset which supports grayscale profiles. I know that High Quality Print and Press Quality do. At least some of the PDF/X profiles do not.


          Click Output on the left. Choose Color > Color Conversion > Convert to Destiination


          In the Destination menu choose a gray profile. These could include Gray Gamma X or Dot Gain X% choice.

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            zimbop Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            that prompted a little further investigation and it seems I wasn't seeing those options as I had "Convert to Destination (Preserve Numbers)" selected, whereas I see those options if only "Convert to Destination" is selected.