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    Can I open a file of premiere14 with premiere11 and get rid of the watermark?


      I downloaded and installed the trial version of Adobe Premiere elements 14 and edited a video. Now I'd like to get rid of the watermark. Although I deleted "rendered files" the watermark still exists. Another possible solution should be to just enter the serial number.


      Now there is a new problem: I bought premiere elements 11 a year ago and only have its serial number.

      I tried opening my project which was edited with the trial version of premiere elements 14 but elements 11 tells me that "the file is damaged" and cannot be opened.

      What should I do? Is there a possible way to open the project edited in the more recent version in the old (11) one? If I save the file as a video and then open it with the old, bought version, can I still get rid of the watermark?

      Or is the only solution to do the whole video again with the older version?