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    PE14 (64bit) won't burn iso nor DVD (Win10, 64bit)

    Henning52 Level 1

      Hi, I burned isos and DVDs previously using PE11 (32bit) on PCs under Win7 and Win10, both 64bit. Recently, I upgraded to PE14 (64bit) but burning either iso or DVD no longer works. The process starts as usual, but the burning session stops without any specific message at 1%. Hours later, there is no apparent progress. Task Manager depicts two processes: i) Adobe Premiere Elements and ii) Adobe Premiere Elements burning (32bit). In this state, killing the two processes is the only option, because the PE14 gui does not respond.


      What can I do--other than regress to PE14 (32bit) or PE11 (32bit)?

      - Henning

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First try uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere Elements 14.


          Also, in Premiere Elements Preferences (under the Edit menu) uncheck the option to use the graphics accelarator on the General page and, on the Media page, clear the Media Cache.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            As pointed to....


            In Premiere Elements 14 64 bit, there should the preference "Use Hardware Acceleration (works on Intel HD 2000 and newer)". This preference is found in Premiere Elements 14 64 bit via Edit Menu/Preferences/General. Please disable it by removing the check mark next to it if your computer is not using one of the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and newer cards. This preference is not found in the Premiere Elements 14 32 bit, only Premiere Elements 14 64 bit. So, no user Use Hardware Aceeleration option to conflict with the Premiere Elements 14 32 bit burn to if your computer does not use the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and newer card.


            Although your title is specific for Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 10 64 bit, please confirm that is correct and not Premiere Elements 14 32 bit on the Windows 10 32 bit computer. I ask that because of what you wrote

            What can I do--other than regress to PE14 (32bit) or PE11 (32bit)?


            Are you saying that you have a Premiere Elements 14 on a 32 bit computer and have no problems with the burn to DVD or ISO Image?

            Premiere Elements 11 has no burn to ISO Image burn to choice. So that is not a fall back if you want an .iso file from the Premiere Elements burn to.


            We will be watching for further developments as your schedule permits.


            Thank you.



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              Henning52 Level 1

              Thanks, Steve and ATR, for your suggestions. I had read about unchecking the Hardware Acceleration box and the clear media cache button--unfortunately they did not work for me.

              In the meantime I also came across the 32bit/64bit discussion in this forum and learned that PE14-64bit can only be installed on Win64, while PE14-32bit can only be installed/used on Win32. (I tried to install PE14-32bit on my Win10-64bit, which failed; on the other hand, PE11-32bit worked fine on my previous Win7-64bit PC--I'm a little puzzled!)

              So, unless some other option arises, I may have to try my previous PE11-32bit under my actual Win10-64bit machine. Although editing is my main goal, I am used to experimenting with all things PC.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I depends on what type of installation files or discs that you have....the generalization is


                Premiere Elements 10, 11, 12/12.1, 13/13.1, or 14 Windows will install as a 64 bit application when it is installed specifically on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit. All other instances it will be as 32 bit application. Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported by Premiere Elements 13/13.1 or 14 whatever.


                What installation files do you have? Are they downloaded installation files which would be specific to the operating system to which they were downloaded or installation discs?


                What computer operating system did you use for Premiere Elements 11 and what was its installation way - download or disc



                1. QuickTime 7.7.6 installed

                2. No competing burners/burn software

                3..Hardware Acceleration preference disabled

                4. No stop marker at the end of the last file on the Timeline - do the burn to work without menus included in the project

                5. Space Required and Bitrate are used with check mark next to Fit Content to Available Space and the Bitrate reading is not much less than the max 8.00 Mbps?

                6. Enough free hard drive space in the Media Cache Files Folder?



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                  Henning52 Level 1

                  I previously used PE11(32bit, download) on Win7(64bit)--successfully.

                  Now I use PE14(64bit, download) on Win10(64bit)--burning stops at 1% after successful media encoding.

                  1. QuickTime 7.7.7; 2. ImgBurn and Windows Media Player 12.0.x are installed as burning software; 3. Hardware Acceleration is disabled; 4. stop mark is removed but I don't want to burn a DVD without menus! 5. Space needed = 2.66GB, speed=8Mbit/s; 6. Media Cache= 6GB.

                  NB. PE14 would be useless for me if I could not burn a DVD with menues!

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the follow up.


                    Right now the suggestions are for troubleshooting purposes only. If one of them resolves the problem great, then we decide what next.

                    Consequently, please look at one of the problem burn to without menus and Timeline markers, and let us know if the burn to problem is resolved. If that does not resolve the problem, one less factor. If it does, it gives us a promising target to pursue.


                    Your values look good for Space Required and Bitrate, so we can put that aside. Removal of the stop marker at the end of the last item on the Timeline is very important. Are you saying that you removed that stop marker and still the burn to issue - none at all?


                    Please consider.


                    Thank you.



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                      Henning52 Level 1

                      Mr. Romano,

                      Thank you for your invitation to serve as a beta tester for PE14. I followed your suggestions, et voilà, PE14 burnt an iso image! Now, what might be your next move to bring the menus and markers back into the game?

                      You were mentioning "a promising target to pursue"--I'm eager to learn what you had in mind.



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the update. Looks like we have a handle to use for some hopefully productive troubleshooting.


                        But, first, I need to make sure we are clear on some non technical points. I am not Adobe. I am not affiliated with Adobe in any way. I am a visitor to this forum and come and go and write without any direction from Adobe Staff or Premiere Elements Help Team. I am helping you to troubleshoot a problem that you are having with a product that you purchased. My help is based on my first hand use of Premiere Elements that I too purchased. That is not extending to you an invitation to serve as a beta tester for Premiere Elements 14. I would point out to you that there is a difference between troubleshooting and beta testing. I troubleshoot. I do not offer beta testing.


                        Now let us move forward with what is most important to me, that is, helping you to resolve your Premiere Elements issue so that you can move forward with your projects.


                        Since project with vs without menus is a factor, the plan is first to know the specifics of Movie Menu/Timeline markers situation in the problem project, look for flaw flags, and then decide what to do.


                        1. What is the Movie Menu theme that you selected? In the Movie Menu theme display area (before you hit Continue), do you see a HD in the top right corner of your selected thumbnail? Also in that area toward bottom left look for and remove check mark next to "Add menu markers automatically for me."

                        2. How many Timeline markers have you placed - including main menu markers, scene markers, and stop marker? Above all do not put any stop marker at the end of the last file on the Timeline.

                        3. Based on "1" and "2", how many main menu pages and scene menu pages do you end up with?

                        4. At the Timeline level when you place the Timeline markers, do you have at least a 5 frames spacing between markers? At the Movie Menu customization level, do you see any red frames around buttons that are too close to one another?

                        5. How have you customized the menu - video or still background replace? audio replacement or addition?

                        Have you tried to use more than 1 line of text for the menu titles?


                        Let us start here, and then decide what next based on the details in your reply.


                        I appreciate your follow up.


                        Thank you.



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                          Henning52 Level 1


                          I greatly appreciate your help, especially being a volunteer, as you pointed out. The "beta testing" was not meant seriously.

                          ad 1. The Movie Menu Theme I selected was "Faux Widescreen", without an HD in the top right corner; at first, I checked the box to get the markers automatically set, now, I set them manually, as you proposed.

                          ad 2. Initially, I had 1 menu marker, 43 scene markers, and 1 stop marker; now I manually added 20 scene markers and left out the menu and stop markers.

                          ad 3. Initially, I had 1 main menu page and 8 scene menu pages; now, 1 main and 4 scene menu pages.

                          ad 4. There are many more frames between the markers than just 5. No red frames around menu text.

                          ad 5. the menus contain no video or audio replacements.

                          ad 6. The scene menu titles contained the default 2 lines; now, I replaced them by inserting a blank (" ").


                          Burning an iso image was successfull (Disc / DVD / SD480 settings) and took 23 minutes.


                          Is there a maximum number of scene markers that I can't exceed? In this project, the scenes are rather short (dancing instruction clips) and would need more than 40 markers to make a useful DVD.


                          By the way, I don't particularly like the Movie Menu Themes, but would prefer an explorer-like menu style. Would you know a source where to download some more Themes?


                          Thank you so much for your help,


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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Am I reading you correctly....with adjustments to the Faux Widescreen movie menu and Timeline markers, you were able to get your burn to ISO Image with Faux Widescreen menu done successfully?


                            On your Windows 10 64 bit, you should expect Premiere Elements 14 to allow for 99 Timeline markers, and the number of scene markers in that count should give you the corresponding number of scene pages based on the designed in scene per page.


                            When I referred to menu titles and number of lines of text, I was referring to the Title for the page, not the text under the scenes.


                            The Space Required and Bitrate in the Quality area of the burn dialog are typically a tip off as to potential computer resource related issues via disc capacity expectations. But, your Space Required and Bitrate values look good. What is a summary of your computer environment?


                            To be continued



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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              I am setting up a Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 10 64 bit project to have 99 Timeline markers, use the Faux Widescreen menu (HD), and then take that to DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc. This computer has 8 GB RAM installed and about 290 GB free hard drive space (not all that much). I will try to set up the Timeline content so that the burn dialog reads Space Required 2.66 GB at Bitrate 8.00 Mbps.


                              To be continued....




                              Add On...I forgot to ask "Are any of these scene markers set up as Motion Buttons?"

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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                I just finished the burn to DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc using Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 10 64 bit.

                                99 scene markers

                                1 main menu page and 17 scene selection pages

                                Faux Widescreen theme with a project preset = NTSC AVCHD Full HD1080i30

                                Space Required 1.71 GB and Bitrate 8.00 Mbps

                                Timeline Duration 28 minutes and 11.11 sec

                                Timeline content: all jpeg photos 3264 x 2448 (originals, I did not resize them)....each photo with 5 second duration.

                                Burn Time with DVD burner about 21 minutes.

                                No problems.


                                I am going to repeat the above, but this time bringing the Space Required to 2.92 GB at 8.00 Mbps. The Timeline Duration now is 48 minutes, 13.13 seconds.

                                If this second test is successful, then we need to look deeper into your computer environment and the Timeline markers and movie customization. Again, I did not use Motion Buttons.


                                To be continued....



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                                  Henning52 Level 1



                                  Thanks for your test scenarios. You are really into it--aren't you.


                                  I will then include more scene markers in my own project and see if it works out fine. I now remember that there was a warning message when I first had PE14 automatically create scene markers. It said that there were too many scenes and not all of them were marked automatically. But it didn't say I could not add further marks on my own.


                                  Here in Germany, I need to use PAL instead of NTSC--but I don't expect this to make any difference?



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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Thanks for the follow up.


                                    I had not double checked Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 10 64 bit to confirm that it was, like 13/13.1, offering placement of max 99 scene markers.

                                    So, this was good for me to do...help you and confirm the information.


                                    If I did not write before in this thread...Tools Menu/Movie Menu/ and Movie Menu theme display area...before you hit Continue, be sure to remove any check mark next to "Add menu markers automatically for me"...do the manual placement until we work out the troubleshooting.


                                    Both my burn to have been with NTSC settings. Do you want me to do the burn to with PAL settings?


                                    The second test just finished successfully. The burn time was 34 minutes.


                                    I double checked with playback to make sure all the scene selection pages were present (all 17 of them). They were. But, lots of clicking to get to page 17.


                                    Best wishes



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                                      Henning52 Level 1


                                      Thank you so much for your advice and guidance. The final burn was successful. Good to know, that max 99 scene markers are allowed--that's plenty. I'll keep in mind the other rules you mentioned for my next projects. I can confirm that PAL works fine, too.

                                      Best wishes,


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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Wonderful news. Thank you for staying with the troubleshooting. Great job.


                                        If your time permits and if you have not done so already, you might want to look at different ways to customize Adobe existing movie menus.

                                        And, if you want to go deeper into the menu making, consider creating the menus yourself using Photoshop CS o higher which is needed to create the .psd files that are the basic structures for the menus. It looks like a menacing thing to do, but it gets easier as you get beyond the first one. I started going deeper into these menus a few years ago.

                                        ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Disc Menu Folders/Files Locations

                                        The bottom of the following has links to several of my explorations and experimentation in this area.


                                        Best wishes.