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    Is there any hope on recovering my PsTouch Documents? Thanks!

    R_Morales Level 1

      Since iOS 9.1 update there is no way to access them (tried using iTunes but the files list is empty even though the Memory Usage on Settings>General shows 1.2GB for PsTouch Documents).

      Since I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.1, my PsTouch was not able to SAVE documents at the end of a session. After several attempts, PsTouch stoped working. I tried to access my PsTouch Documents on iTunes (Windows 7 PC) but the documents are missing (1.2GB of data according to my iphone Settings on Memory Usage for PsTouch).

      Will there be a way to access those files before I remove the app from the phone? I have tried to access my PsTouch Documents with iExplorer as suggested in another Post but the documents are not available. Is there any hope for me? Thanks!