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    How to get rid of unused browser support files?

      I produce web help for a a web app that is restricted to IE. When I generate web help, RH spits out dozens of files that support help within other browsers. We tried deleting these "extra" files, but it hosed the help. Does anyone know of a way to either 1) generate without these files or 2) remove the files without breaking web help?
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          Gravenstein Level 2

          Karen, when I asked the same question a while back, the general response was pretty much "don't go there." Responders felt that it was risky to delete any of these files, and that the amount of testing it would take to verify that what you'd done was safe just really wouldn't be worth it.


          While the idea of deleting the extra files was very appealing to me, as well, I decided that it was not going to be worth pursuing.