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    Autocorrect for glyphs?


      Is there a way to set up autocorrection to insert glyphs, in particular an em dash (— 0x2014) and double low-9 quotation mark („ 0x201E) in InDesign?


      I've tried manually editing the autocorrect XML file using instructions I found after a Google search, but it seems InDesign automatically wipes it any time I add any special characters to it.  That page was dated 2010 and as far as I can tell that workaround only worked for CS5 and earlier.


      I've been typing two hyphens and two commas, then using the find/change function, or alternatively typing in a different program that allows autocorrecting special characters and placing into InDesign.  It just seems odd that there isn't a way to do this automatically.  Maybe there's a way to protect the XML file so InDesign won't wipe it?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not a GREP user (really!) but I'm pretty sure that this could be done by using GREP styles. You are using styles (paragraph, character styles), right?

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            krzysztoftv Level 1

            Yeah I use styles.


            I found an easier solution--for my needs anyway--by finding a third-party Polish keyboard layout that allows using the right ALT key to type — and „.  This is better actually, since this solves this problem in all applications and not only InDesign.  Why the normal Polish keyboard layouts in Windows don't have these characters, I have no idea... they're used for writing dialogue in Polish prose.  Googling international keyboard layout charts pointed me to a page that links to this third party keyboard layout, if anyone else runs into this problem.  Layouts for several other languages are on that page as well.


            Still, for future reference, does anyone know how to use GREP styles or some other method to autocorrect with special characters?