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    Keydown event and focus() not working in IE11


      Using Edge Animate CC 2015.0

      I have an edge animate composition that is using > sym.$('Stage').focus(); to allow the user to tab into a edge composition embedded into an html page. Once the user is tabbed to the correct button, the user can press the 'enter' key to depress the button. this works as expected within all browsers, but not in Windows / IE 11. I see that there were problems in EA 2.0 with IE 11 compatibility, but there is no longer a preloader.js to fix according as bck then.


      This is the code to make this work on compositionReady (along with using the Accessibility, Tab Index functionality in the Properties panel):


      sym.$("OpenWallet-btn").keydown(function(e) {


          sym.getSymbol("OpenWallet-btn").$("open-wallet-btn").show();  //when tabbing out of composition, turns button back to mouseout




      if (e.which == 13) {

        sym.getSymbol("OpenWallet-btn").$("open-wallet-btn").hide(); //mouseover state when press 'return'


         $(this).fadeOut( 400, function() {});





      Any thoughts?