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    Script Error on gotoNetPage

      Hi All,
      This is driving me crazy. I'm using a simple gotoNetPage script to link to users website. I've done this a million times before without any problem but now when I create the projector I get the "Script Error" prompt when I click on the link. I've even cut and pasted a gotoNetPage script that worked in another Director project and I'm still getting the script error. Is there something I'm missing here? Script below... Help!
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          You don't say whether this is a run-time error or an author-time error,
          but I'll guess run-time. I'll also guess that it's a projector and not
          Shockwave. Did you include the 3 net-support xtras?
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            Hi Sean,
            Thanks for the reply. It is a run-time error - the link works fine when I'm authoring it in Director, it doesn't when I play the projector (also correct, not a Shockwave). I do have the 3 net-support xtras included; Ineturl.x32, Netfile.x32 and Netlingo.x32. Are those the 3 you meant? The "include in Projector" box is also checked on the bottom. I'm really stumped. Like I said, this function works fine in another project I'm looking at. I just don't get why I'm getting the script error for this one. Thanks-
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              Okay - I'm an idiot. Turns out I DIDN'T have the "include in Projector" box checked for those 3 xtras. Thanks again for your help!