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    Cell styles missing in cell styles palette


      Last Friday I created a table style and a number of cell styles & made them part of my indesign startup defaults & included them as part of a document & document template.


      This morning (Monday) when I opened Indesign I noticed my cell styles palette was empty - there is nothing listed there or selectable in any way. Yet the table styles palette shows the table I created and when I examine that I see all the cell styles I've created listed. Further if I attempt to change a cell style within the table style it will list and allow me to select all the cell styles I had created last week even though they do not appear in the cell styles palette.


      I've tried deleting Indesign Defaults and AppPrefs.xml to no avail. I've tried creating new cell styles but they simply disappear immediately after creation - the cell styles palette remains empty. I've tried importing the styles from the template & document I created last week - nothing. I've tried exporting my template to IDML & reopening; still no go. I've checked all paragraph & character styles used by the cell styles and they are present. Nothing seems to work.


      Has anybody else encountered and/or solved this problem?