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    Re-installing CS 5.5 as an upgrade of CS2. Won't accept both old serial number as the new CS2 (without online activation) serial.


      So what I did:

      - installed a Windows 7 on an old pc

      - installed the new Indesign CS 2 installation file (without online activation) : https://helpx.adobe.com/nl/creative-suite/kb/cs2-product-downloads.html

      - installed the upgrade to 5.5 I bought last year


      No problem after entering the CS 5.5 serial, but then I get asked to enter the type and serial of the old product I bought the upgrade for.

      When I do that (Indesign CS 2 as part of the complete CS 2 Premium Package) the installer won't accept both the original serial number on the box or the new serial number [serial number removed by moderator]

      BTW, the upgrade works fine on my other pc, but I remember there als were some problems during installation. (got some help by Adobe helpdesk/phone)


      Please help me out!