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    Background updates from internal server not working as expected

    flitter_mouse Level 1

      We're experiencing difficulty with deploying Flash Player updates from an internal server. Using Active Directory Group Policy software installation, we deployed (Extended Support Release) using the Windows Installer (.msi) packages for ActiveX and NPAPI. We also deployed mms.cfg (UTF-8 with byte order mark) containing (potentially-sensitive info altered to protect the not-so-innocent):







      I downloaded the background updates cab file for (Extended Support Release) and expanded the files to the appropriate path on the "updateserver.corpname.tld" web server. As expected, I can access http(s)://updateserver.corpname.tld/pub/flashplayer/update/current/sau/currentmajor.xml. The web server certificate is supplied by Active Directory Certificate Services and is trusted by all domain-joined workstations. When the update task runs (on schedule or by manually triggering in Scheduled Tasks), these entries appear in FlashInstall.log:


      2015-11-2+21-11-24.766 [info] 1628 updateserver.corpname.tld

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.815 [info] 1629 updateserver.corpname.tld

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.826 [info] 1614

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.828 [info] 1615

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.829 [info] 1618

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.832 [info] 1619 1063

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.852 [info] 1628 updateserver.corpname.tld

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.853 [info] 1629 updateserver.corpname.tld

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.854 [info] 1614

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.855 [info] 1615

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.856 [info] 1618

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.858 [info] 1604

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.858 [info] 1608

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.867 [info] 1612

      2015-11-2+21-11-24.869 [info] 1620


      I see no corresponding entries in our web server access logs, so apparently the updater isn't getting that far. We aren't using a proxy and the background updates server is internal to our network.

      We primarily have Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) clients.

      I've checked topics with similar complaints and haven't been able to find a solution.


      Ideas would be appreciated!