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    Very big demo

      I am recording a very big demo (over 500 slides). What is the best way to attempt this? Create seperate files then generate??? Anyone have any experience with this.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, STARGSG

          I would recommend splitting into smaller projects and Daisy Chaining them together or creating some form of a menu to open each segment.

          Cheers... Rick
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            I did a video in the spring of 2008 that was 409 slides with no audio inserted. Once I published the project, the video was utilizing almost 100% of my single core CPU resources. The only solution I found was to split the video into sections, and make them in the 100 slide range. The splitting actually worked well for my situation because the SME on the project had actually put sections in the video as we created the project, so splitting it out was pretty easy.

            The four videos I came away with now use only about 25% of the CPU resources on a single core CPU. This CPU usage is cut in half as you double your CPU cores (duo core is approx. 12.5%, and quad core is approx. 6%).

            Our videos are mainly viewed in a Citrix environment, so each person viewing a video uses those resource percentages on the Citrix server. If two people are viewing one video simultaneously, then the CPU usage percentages double.

            Once you start getting much above 100 slides, the CPU usage begins to climb significantly.

            My videos are unique in that they are approximately 1000 X 700 pixels in screen size at the highest resolution available (my boss's wishes), so the videos are kind of primed to use a lot of resources out of the gate. But at 100 slide range, the resource usage in very acceptable.

            One Important note: This only occurred on this one video we captured, and it was captured from an executable application. I have done other large videos (not as big as 400 slides) which were captured from web-based applications, and we did not experience any CPU resource increase at all. I cannot explain this other than maybe the web environment provided captures that were not loaded with data packets. Who really knows on that one.

            Captivate comes with a Menu Builder feature. Our company opted to simply use a hyperlink menu from our intranet page to launch any videos.

            Don't forget when you publish as a flash video to make sure all of the published files for a video are in the same folder where the flash file is stored.

            I hope this is helpful.

            Rick Legg
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              eLearner22 Level 1
              Hi Rick,

              Could you explain the daisy chain them together concept to me a little more? (Sorry I am slow today). If I did not want to use the menu builder, could I just have one captivate movie, transition to another someway?
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi there

                Here is a link to a tutorial on it.

                Click here to view the tutorial

                Cheers... Rick