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    Preloader Stage not working properly


      Hi there,


      I've been having the same problem with many Edge Animations I've created. I create a preloader stage using one of the default gifs. When I preview in browser from Edge Animate, it works just fine. You see the preloader image for a little while, then the animation plays.


      The problem comes when I upload the published file to my Wordpress website. I use the Edge Suite plugin to do this. When I place the animation on a page, and load the website, instead of showing the preloader image it shows a random element from the animation. I've tried immediate and polite, but it still always shows a seemingly random image from the animation instead of the gif it should be showing.


      I've tried many fixes. Every time I try uploading a new published file it shows a different random element, but never the proper preloader. Any ideas? This is driving me crazy!