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    Adobe clip is not syncing to premiere


      I am not able to get projects from adobe clip to sync to premiere pro.  I have tried several times, and always get a notification saying that my project is not synced, even though it says its synced in the progress window.  Has anyone else run into this?  Is there a way to fix this?

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          Hope you got things resolved but just incase please try the following steps and let us know how it goes. If the 1st does not resolve it move on to step 2 etc...



          1. Close the application (not just background it, but close it down). Make sure you are on a WiFi network and re-open Clip. Wait for sync to comeplete.
          2. Log out and log back into account. Let sync complete.
          3. Uninstall the Clip, re-install and log-in. Let sync complete.




          Peter Garaway

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            Probably is having the same issue I just discovered.  Adobe Clip wont sync if your screen is locked or the app is in the background.  Definitely an option that needs to be added to the next version. I have to keep my phone on and running clip in the foreground for the upload to continue. 

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              johnebundy Level 1

              I fixed the issue.  I'm not sure what caused it, but I deleted clip for my phone and reinstalled it.  It seems to be working fine now.  I'm not sure what originally caused the issue, but it it cleared up now.