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    Flexbuilder in Windows  Vista

    leotemp Level 1
      Anyone have any expierence running FlexBuilder2 in the newest release of Vista, build 5728.16?
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          jcboutkan Level 1
          Yes, FlexBuilder2 doesn't work on it.
          It works fine with Build 5744
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            I just tried in Vista 5744, but I keep getting a message saying I don't have the admin rights to install FB2. Any clue?
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              I have same problem with you to install to several release of Vista Beta, but I found the tricky way to install it, Install Flex in Windows XP and copy all file in Flex folder to your vista machine, that's work for me!
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                Molsh Level 1
                I got it working the normal way somehow, I just launched the setup file "as administrator" (right click) even if I am an administrator, and changed the rights on the setup fiel, too. Don't know if it changed anything, but I can install it on Vista 5744, so I can say it's possible.
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                  In order to get Flex Builder 2 to work, in my case the trial, but i think it will work comercial edition too, is to right click on the installation file: FlexBuilder2_Installer.exe then go to settings, register card for compatibility and then check the mode for the windows xp service pack 2! In my case it worked on an 5600 build!
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                    leotemp Level 1
                    Im going to attempt an install on 5728.16 today, ill let you know if i survive.
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                      Holy cow, setting it to run in Windows XP Compatability mode from the properties screen worked like a charm! Finally!
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                        I see lots of various posts across the Internet stating that you must run either the Flex Builder installer or the actual app "As Administrator" or in "XP Compatibility Mode" to fix this Flex Builder on Vista problem. None of that works for me and is not the real problem. At least it isn't anymore. The real problem is Vista's use of the new directory junction point concept. Both the installer and the actual app for Flex Builder need to write into the user's home directory My Documents folder. However, in Vista, My Documents isn't a real directory. It is a junction point. Apparently Flex Builder (and Windows Explorer itself) cannot handle junction points. If you run the installer, it will say it finished with errors. If you check the log, sure enough it failed writing to the My Documents folder. I fixed the problem by deleting the My Documents junction point and creating a directory symbolic link to the real Documents folder. This Documents folder is where the My Documents junction point is supposed to be pointing to. Anyway, using:

                        mklink /d "My Documents" Documents

                        from inside my home directory solved the problem. I can run the installer without any errors and I can launch Flex Builder with no problems.