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    Why can't I view my previews in realtime? (AE CC 2015)


      I'm super frustrated right now. I just bought a new 2015 27" 5k iMac with 32gigs of ram and 4gb of graphics memory. I'm running El Capitan. I have the latest and "greatest" CC software completely updated. I'm animating a pretty simply logo in After Effects in a 1080p comp at 29.97fps. It's only about 15 seconds long. When I play it back, it will preview in realtime for a couple seconds and then slow down, even after previewing the same, unaltered section multiple times. I cannot express how frustrating this is. I am trying to address and issue of pacing that my client has had with the first draft of the animated logo and if I can't view playback in realtime, it makes my job incredibly difficult! I upgraded from running CS3 on a Macbook with 4gb of ram from 2008 and I never had this problem, even with larger projects. Substituting wait time for a faster preview that isn't in realtime is unacceptable. I'm hoping that this isn't entirely the case and that there is a fix that I'm just not seeing. Can anyone help me?




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