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    InDesign 2015 Very Frequent Crashing seems tied to physical text location in the document


      This is a problem recreated on five machines (Win 10 x3, Win 8.1 and Mac) - three staff sharing files.


      We're all seeing crashes from fairly innocuous events (trying to insert a page or column break - via either menu commands or keystrokes, or applying para styles -- again via styles menu or shortcuts).


      Program crashes, upon restart, any attempts to make adjustment to the text insert point where the crash occurs again. Other edits can happen elsewhere in the doc, but that spot seems to hold the corruption. We've tried a lot of environment observation (what programs are running elsewhere, machine set up, etc). but can't see a specific issue (one staffer called Adode and their solution was to downgrade to 2014).


      Of course I'm perplexed by the issue, but it's also odd I can't find any footprint on the web - I've got three people with three fairly different set ups all encountering an issues that is pretty easily reproduced. Has anyone else see this?