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    How to resolve javascript error in Edge 6.0.0 resulting from multiple compositions using the same function? (Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = symbol)

    rfikes4 Level 1

      Seperately the two compositions work well on their own. The issue is that when two are added only the first one plays. Checking the console log says "Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = symbol". The second does not work because it is using the same $(window).scroll function. If I delete that code I do not get the error but the animation will not be what I want because I want the code to run that is in the $(window).scroll function.


      So my question is, how can I change/rewrite the $(window).scroll function in both or one of the files so that I can get my code to run seperately with no errors?


      The file with both compositions is Wrapper.html. When you scroll down and the composition is in view it will play the timeline. My code is in compositionReady. Dropbox - test5.zip