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    No images - 100% black output from LR6 video slideshow


      Hi, having successfully generated a number of video slideshows, LR6 is now generating entirely 'black' output. I've tried the following procedures to try to identify the problem, without success:

      • I've updated all video drivers;
      • I've successfully produced a PDF slideshow using the same images and videos that generate 'black' output in 'video slideshow';
      • I've unsuccessfully tried producing video slideshows at both 720p and 1020p;
      • 'Preview' and 'play' in the 'slideshow' module play as expected, i.e. they show the slides and videos as they should be.
      • I've reset LR6 'preferences';
      • I've disabled GPU acceleration;
      • I've shut down and restarted LR6;
      • I've rebooted my computer.


      None of the above actions have resolved the problem.  The fact that I was previously able to generate video slideshows with LR6 suggests that I've inadvertently changed a setting but I can't imagine what it is. I'd appreciate any suggestions re overcoming this issue.