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    Poor Images from new camera


      Hello, I'm a relatively new user of Lightroom, so I am hoping I'm missing something easy here.  I am using Lightroom 5.7 with Camera Raw 8.7 on a Mac.  I've been shooting RAW on a Canon Rebel T2i and importing and editing with no issues.  I just purchased a Canon 5D Mark iii and shot a few photos in RAW and imported them into Lightroom and they look terrible - grainy and blotchy and lots of noise.  Much worse than my images on my T2i.  When I load the same images into DPP, they look great.  Is there a setting I'm missing?  According to my research, RAW images on the 5D Mark iii should be supported by this version of Lightroom.  Any help is appreciated!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi jencrf


          Could you check the settings for sharpening details,Luminance,Noise reduction and ISO setting in the develop module?

          Also make sure you do not have Any import develop setting applied while importing.




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            jencrf Level 1

            Yes, thank you.  I don't use any preset settings on import - it imports as is.  I've tried sharpening, etc the image in develop module, but the image has started off so noisy and grainy that it doesn't improve much. 

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As was already asked in bold letters because it was important:  What ISO setting are the shots of both the T2i and 5D3 taken using?  This is indicated under the histogram at the top right among other places.  I'd guess you have your camera accidentally set at an extremely high ISO or have it on Auto and aren't using a flash so the camera is setting a high ISO and as such the shots will be extremely grainy and blotchy.


              if you want you can share one of your 5D3 shots and maybe one of the T2i shots, by uploading to www.dropbox.com and posting a public share link, here.


              Or at least post a screenshot of a problem photo, one zoomed out to fit the entire image and one zoomed in to 1:1 or 100% zoom would help show us what you're seeing.

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                jencrf Level 1

                I see what you're saying - my ISO has been anywhere between 100 and 3200 with the same results.  Here are two images from my 5D Mark iii.  Taken with a 50mm, f4.0, 1/125, ISO 1600. 



                He is out of focus, too, but can you see the grain in his skin when I zoom in at all?  The pumpkin (which is in focus) is the same.  Here is a similar image from my T2i.  Same 50mm lens - f2.5, 1/250, Iso 800. 




                I would expect the 5D Mark iii to be able to handle the higher ISO.  Right?  Thank you for your help - obviously I'm a novice so I'm trying to navigate all of this.  I appreciate it.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Shooting at higher ISO settings can present problems with any camera. Since you have a new camera, it's probably to your advantage to experiment to see what is going to work best for you. I shoot with a Nikon camera. I have set my ISO to the lowest setting, and then have specified the maximum ISO I will allow the camera to switch to automatically. I'm sure you have something similar to that on your Canon camera.

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                    Keith_Reeder Level 4

                    Is the second image heavily cropped? It's in more light than the first, noisier image - did you have "lighten" the first image in Lightroom? It has a look of an under-exposed image that has been "fixed" in PP.


                    We need to know what your NR settings are, Jen, but here's a thought: dial the "Detail" slider down to zero in both the Sharpening and Luminance panels. Fixing the white balance will help, too.

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                      jencrf Level 1

                      Thank you, Keith.  Yes - it does look exactly like a corrected image, doesn't it?  Those images are SOOC.  I haven't touched them.  But that's what I'm talking about.  My noise reduction setting is set to standard.  Should it be set higher on a consistent basis?  Thank you for your help.  I'm obviously dealing with a huge learning curve here, so I appreciate the input.

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                        jencrf Level 1

                        Thank you!  I will definitely look at that and play around with it.  I appreciate the help!