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    Lightroom CC doesn't import photos and shows an error, backup also fails




      I'm using Lightroom CC on Mac and am trying to import images, but Lightroom fails to do that this time for some reason.


      During the last import Lightroom failed the download images and showed me the following notification: "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache and needs to quit. Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem the next time it launches".


      As it shuts down it suggests to backup catalogue files and the following notification appears: "Lightroom was unable to back up the catalogue named XXX. Please check your folder permissions, and make sure that you have available space on your back drive and main catalog's drive".


      I have 2 TB of disk space available.


      I tried to import both from the camera and from my computer, however it fails to complete the import both ways, just several files had been imported and import fails. Within each attempt to import files Lightroom creates temporary folders with multidigital names.

      I restarted Lightroom, then my computer, then tried to create another backup folder, nothing helped. Please assist me.