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    How to fix EPUB exported from InDesign for button interactivity, as advised by Adobe

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      Hi there.


      Apparently there is a "known problem" with HTML exported from InDesign - and I'd like to clarify this problem to hopefully troubleshoot it. (I'd really like to get on with creating a fixed layout EPUB.)


      An Adobe Support person has recently emailed me this:


      "I’ve checked and found that the HTML file exported from InDesign further needs to be edited in Dreamweaver for proper layout and interactivity. It is known issue." ... "By “known issue” I mean, this is an expected behavior and it is already reported earlier. The Interactivity would work fine in SWF base however, if you need it in HTML, that the file can be edited in Dreamweaver, further, for the kind of interactivity or layout you need. You can say it is a limitation of HTML export from InDesign."

      This support person knew that I was exporting to EPUB so I assume he/she knows I need HTML, not SWF. I've yet to receive further clarification, though I've asked. I figure if this issue has indeed been reported before, then others may have this same problem and hopefully there is a work-around. Adobe Support recommended editing the exported file in Dreamweaver but it would be good to know what area I should be looking at. (EPUBs have a few files within the zip so I wonder which has the problem.)


      It's not just the final exported package that shows problems, by the way. My buttons don't work even in the EPUB preview panel.

      I've tested InDesign on 2 computers (my desktop & laptop) and on 3 versions of InDesign. (CC 2014:, CC 2014:, CC 2015: I've also trashed my preferences but made no difference.


      I've posted about this issue in other threads but they were old threads and I didn't receive a response, hence starting this one. The one with most info is at the top of this list:


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      Thanks to anyone who can help!