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    is there any way to back-install a version of InDesign without the new dark interface...

    Robyn Landis Level 1

      ...and also how to give Adobe feedback that the new dark-grey interface with white type (a) is extremely hard to read, (b) looks like Windows, (c) makes it hard to see colors on your swatches, especially if you are working with a bunch of greys, (d) is too small (and I have 20-20 vision).   What were they thnking/ Why do they keep changing for change's sake?  This software doesnt need to be a piece of art unto itself. It needs to work and be practical so we can CREATE art.


      I absolutely loathe this new UI and would like to back-date a version that had the nice light normal backdrop for windows, frame, toolbars and menus. I see no advantage to this new "it so wasn't broke and you definitely shouldn'tve 'fixed' it" "upgrade."


      thank you.