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    dpi settings on the 'Print' function


      I use the print function to print my schools packages (I use 'print to file')  but the dpi keeps resetting itself to 250dpi but I want it to stay at 300dpi. Is there any way to change the default? I am still having problems when I try to 'print to file' in that I have to save it twice. The first time I save it as the default 'untitled' and they repeat the process and save it to the folder I want it in and rename it to the name I have given it. The only time it saves first time is if I turn off Lightroom and turn it back on again. After turning it on it 'prints to file' in the correct place but the next image I try it with I have to resort to ignoring the first save and doing it for the second time again. Any ideas anyone?